24) Tandoori Phool Marinated the florets of cauliflower in a mixture of some pices, butter of gram flour, fry in hot oil and roast in tandoor. 70,000 VND
22) Paneer Tikka Lucknawi Marinated slices of home made cottage cheese cooked in clay oven with spices 85,000 VND
23) Paneer Malai Tikka Cottage cheese,onion,yoghurt,green chilly,garlic and ginger marinated with cream cooked in clay oven 85,000 VND


25) Tandoori Chicken (Full) Chicken marinated in yoghurt, fresh spices & grilled in Clay oven 200,000 VND
26) Tandoori Chicken (Half) 120,000 VND
27) Chicken Tikka Boneless chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, fresh spices & grilled in oven 90,000 VND
28) Murgh Malai Tikka succulent pieces of grilled halal chicken marinated in yoghurt,cream and cheese 90,000 VND


29) Australian Halal Lamb Boti Boneless pieces of mutton cubes marinated with selected spices and grilled in clay oven 135,000 VND
30) Australian Halal Lamb Sheek Kebab  Fingers of halal Mutton mixed with green peas,skewed and grilled in clay oven . 135,000 VND



31) Machi Lasooni Tikka Boneless fish cubes flavored with garlic & spices, grilled in clay oven 105,000 VND
32) Naryali Machi Chunks of boneless fish marinated with coconut, garlic, ajwain, exotic spices and grilled in charcoal heated clay oven 105,000 VND


33) Tandoori Jheenga Marinated fresh prawns cooked in charcoal heated clay oven 110,000 VND
34) Samudri Moti Marinated fresh prawn with cashewnut based sauce, spices & grilled in oven 110,000 VND
35) Jheenga Badshai Tikka Marinated fresh prawns with Turmeric, Ajwain & Chickpeas powder, skewed & grilled in charlcoal oven 110,000 VND