North Indian

118) Khichadi  Indian basmati rice coocked with dal tadka  80,000 VND
108) Gosht Biryani Mutton cooked with Biryani rice 130,000 VND
109) Murgh Biryani Chicken cooked with Biryani rice 100,000 VND
110) Jheenga Biryani Prawn cooked with biryani rice 105,000 VND
111) Vegetable Biryani Spiced vegetable cooked with Biryani rice 80,000 VND
112) Plain Biryani Rice Basmati rice cooked with spices 55,000 VND
113) Mutton Afghani Pulao An aromatic pulao with meat of your choice and spices flavored with cashewnuts 130,000 VND
114) Vegetable Pulao Indian Basmati rice cooked with vegetables 60,000 VND
115) Saffrani Pulao Basmati rice saffron flavored 80,000 VND
116) Jeera Pulao Basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds 50,000 VND
117) Steamed Rice Indian Basmati rice 40,000 VND

South Indian

119) Curd Rice Steamed Basmati rice cooked with yoghurt & garnished with lentils, Mustard seeds, curry leaves 70,000 VND
120) Tomato Rice Indian Basmati rice cooked with tomato, onion & spices 60,000 VND
121) Sambar Rice  Steamed Basmati rice cooked with Sambar (served with two pcs of Appalam) 60,000 VND